Can I use CyberArk with UnitySync?

Created: 2021-09-23 13:06:15
Modified: 2024-04-01 10:02:47
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As of UnitySync v3.1, LDAP connections may now be configured to utilize CyberArk authentication.

These following CyberArk parameters in config.txt effectively enable the CyberArk functionality for the source and/or destination connections.

Go to the connection’s Custom tab, click Raw Config. Enter the following as appropriate if source and/or dest are to utilize CyberArk (enter anywhere, options are alphabetized on save automatically).


  dest-cyberark-domain =

An example of the Cyberark authenciation syntax follows:

dest-cyberark-url= (The domain is automatically appended onto the login id received from cyberark)

Caveats for connection configuration when CyberArk is enabled:

Logon/pw: Any value in the UI Source tab Logon/Password (sourcelogon/sourcepw) and Destination tab Logon/Password (destlogon/destpw) are ignored.

Test and Verify buttons: While you can use the Source tab’s Selection DN to define the source OU for Discovery, the TEST and VERIFY buttons will not return a valid result. Likewise, the Destination tab’s Placement DN can be used, but Verify will not return a valid result.

Source Dest tab Port parameter: When Cyberark is enabled, the connection will ONLY use ports (389/636) for read or write.

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