LARGE Sync in processes, How can I tell how many Records Processed so far?

Created: 2020-09-16 14:02:28
Modified: 2024-03-01 09:32:37
Tags: Troubleshooting UnitySync

A typical level to log will record the following line preiodically throughout the discovery or sync run: This shows the status (number of records processed).

Stats | Processed Records: 74811 recs/min: 6373.77)

Open the log file for viewing. Go to the bottom and search UP. ‘Processed Records’ . This is the most recent instances of this stat being logged.

Alternatively, you can go to a CMD prompt and use findstr to search the log for the sync in process. To do this, Open a CMD prompt and CD to the Connection’s directory
i.e. UnityiSync\Connection\AD1 to AD2\logs

example use of findstr:
findstr /c:“Processed Records” 2020-09-16-08-59-43-discovery.txt

This will output ALL stats lines logged so far.

Stats | Processed Records: 74811 recs/min: 6373.77) Stats | Processed Records: 81311 recs/min: 6500.33) Stats | Processed Records: 87736 recs/min: 6425.20)

The final line returned is the important one. This Stat line tells you how many records have been processed (as well has how many records are processed per min).

More tips for Refining Findstr Results

Refer to this link for additional information on findstr syntax:

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