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How can I tell how many records UnitySync processes per minute?

2020-09-16 14:05:28
Troubleshooting UnitySync 

A typical level to log will record the following line preiodically throughout the discovery or sync run:

Open the log file for viewing. A search for ‘Processed Records’ will usually jump you to each instance in the log file.'

Stats | Processed Records: 74811 recs/min: 6373.77)

If you go to a command prompt, you can also use the ‘find’ command to output each line. In this case, it’s easier to search for the text ‘Stats’ (because find assumes each word is a unique string to search for). If necessary, you can parse again using ‘Processed’.

find “Stats” 2020-09-16-08-59-43-discovery.txt >stats.out
And then:
find “Processed” stats.out > FinalProcessedRecords.txt

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