Mod No Object on User or Group Add

Created: 2020-07-24 09:46:10
Modified: 2020-07-24 09:47:26
Tags: Active Directory Errors Group as Group Sync UnitySync

An attempt to Add a User or Group may fail with the following errors:

Add Exists | cn=Joe Smith, ou=People,DC=2k19,DC=test
Mod No Object |cn=Joe Smith, ou=People,DC=2k19,DC=test

In this case, ‘Add Exists’ is an error returned by LDAP (on an attempted ADD) indicating an ADD is attempting to set an attribute value that is required to be unique for that attribute, but that value exists already in another record. (Most often samaccountname)

Mod No Object is also logged indicating the existing record is not being modified.

Search the destination AD for the samaccountname of the problem object. You should find an existing matching object.

Dynamic Group as Groups Sync:
If you experience this error attempting to sync Dynamic Groups as Groups, refer to that article for specific details.

Add Exists | cn=Sales Group,ou=Groups,DC=2k19,DC=test
Mod No Object |cn=Sales Group,ou=Groups,DC=2k19,DC=test
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