Introduction: Release v4.6

Created: 2019-08-19 11:27:44
Modified: 2023-12-06 10:11:21
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Information about Release v4.6

This is a full release for UnitySync v4.6. This release supersedes all previous releases. Please see the Deliverable Summary for information about:

  • Supported Directories
  • Updated Features and Functionality
  • Fixes and Enhancements for versions 1.1 - v4.6

The Release Notes and Installation Guide assists you with installing or upgrading your UnitySync software. To learn more about using UnitySync to its full potential, please refer to the UnitySync Administrator’s Guide and our Knowledge Base.

Supported Platforms and Connectivity Requirements

Please review the most up-to-date UnitySync System Requirements here.

Quick Tips
  • UnitySync will run on Windows 2019 or better.
  • UnitySync is also supported on multiple Linux servers.
  • UnitySync may be loaded on your LDAP directory server, but this is not required.
  • Use UnitySync with the included dirweb.exe web server utility. Or, install UnitySync on a web server (i.e. IIS, Apache, NginX).
  • For LDAP directories, the UnitySync server must be able to connect to the target directory servers over the LDAP ports (i.e. default LDAP is port 389). If LDAP connectivity is not possible, we are happy to work with you on a multiple installation solution.
  • For cloud directories (O365, Azure, Google Workspace) the credentials used must have the appropriate permissions to read and/or write. Admin credentials are strongly recommended.
  • A DNS server should be assigned to the UnitySync server.
  • Javascript is required to run UnitySync.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Special requirements apply when syncing to / from specific directory types. Please see Special Configuration Requirements for more information.

Licensing Requirements

  • Evaluation User: You will install UnitySync using a 15 day temporary key that is limited to 2 directories. If you need additional time for evaluation or if you need to test a solution that requires access to more than two directories, please contact for an expanded evaluation key.
  • New User: You will initially install UnitySync using the provided 15 day temporary key. Additional keys are provided as needed while the purchase is processed and finalized. Following the purchase of UnitySync, you will be eligible for a permanent license key.
  • Existing UnitySync User: Any new installation of the software, including upgrade, requires a new license key. You will receive a 15 day temporary key with download for installation. Once UnitySync is installed, you will have access to the Launch Page with the Serial Number. Send a request with the serial number to to obtain a permanent key.

Please send all key requests to, which you can automatically generate from the Key Request button on the UnitySync Launch Page.

Licensing and Sales Inquiries

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