Source Tab Configuration: Google Workspace (formerly GSuite)

Created: 2019-08-16 11:37:22
Modified: 2022-03-29 14:09:23
Tags: Google (G Suite) UnitySync

As of v3.0, UnitySync can read Google Workspace Users and Contacts. The following information will help you configure your Source Tab for use to Discover objects on Google Workspace.

Google Workspace Connection Information box

Google Workspace Domain: Enter your Google Workspace domain here, then click Authorize App to obtain your Access Token and Refresh Token. You must authorize UnitySync to access your Google Workspace Domain in order to read objects.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you receive an error 400: invalid_request when attempting to Authorize App, please ensure you are using dirweb.exe rather than IIS to access your UnitySync UI.

Object Types: Available object types will depend on whether you have selected gcontacts or gsuite for your Source Map Template. A selection of gcontacts will only allow read of contact objects, while a selection of gsuite will only allow read of user objects.

Optional - Filter: Filters can be used to include and/or exclude objects based on their values. Please contact Technical Support if you wish to use filters when pulling data from your G Suite Source.

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