Prepare Directory Servers: Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

Created: 2019-08-16 10:16:18
Modified: 2022-03-29 16:45:42
Tags: Google (G Suite) System Requirements UnitySync

As of UnitySync v2.9, Discovery (read) and Synchronization (write) of Google Workspace is supported. This version, and newer versions, of UnitySync can Discover Users and Contacts from Google Workspace, and Sync Contacts to Google Workspace.

Data discovered from Google Workspace can be written to any Destination LDAP directory (including Active Directory) or Office 365 directory, exported to CSV or written to almost any database.

IMPORTANT NOTE: On Sync, a Mod Object (modification of an existing object) sent by UnitySync will result in a Delete/Add in Google Workspace.

Login ID Syntax

You will need to use the default admin login in order to read from or write to Google Workspace.

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