Requesting a Permanent UnitySync License Key

Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2019-05-20 11:40:55
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Permanent license keys are released to customers who have purchased the UnitySync software and have a current Subscription or Maintenance Contract.

If your Maintenance Contract has expired, you may contact to request a quote for renewal.

For a UnitySync license, the only piece of information required to receive your permanent license key is the Serial Number as it appears on the UnitySync User Interface (UI) Launch Page. To return to the Launch Page from a connection, simple select the blank space at the top of the Connections drop-down menu.

Please install UnitySync on the server where you intend to run it. Go to the Launch Page to obtain the Serial Number.

NOTE: If you are not ready to install on your permanent server, please utilize the temporary key you receive when you downloaded. Request your key later after you have installed on your permanent UnitySync server.

To obtain your permanent license key, email the Install Serial Number to, Subject: Key Request .

The UnitySync license key is a long text string, looking something like this:


When you have received your permanent license key string, go to the Launch Page of the UnitySync UI. Enter the key string and click Save.

If the key is valid and working, you will see information similar to the following in the Key Info box:

``` Customer : Company Name
Key Serial : xxxx
Build ID : xxxxxxxxxx
Directories : 2
Maint Expire : 20120808
Serial Number : xxxxxxxxxx

Requesting a Serial Number Change to an Existing Permanent License Key

The only piece of information required to receive your permanent license key is the Install Serial Number as it appears on the Launch Page of the UnitySync UI. If you need to move your UnitySync software to a new server, email the OLD and NEW serial numbers to, Subject: License Key Change Request.

Licensing of IPs in UnitySync

Clients are no longer required to manually maintain a list of IP addresses.

The Configured Directories IP list appears on the Launch Page of the UnitySync UI. This lists the exact IP’s that are actually in use in all of your connections. This list is automatically generated based on your existing connection configuration.

At run time, the software automatically validates how many IP’s you are using against what you are licensed for. If your configured connections exceed the IP count you are licensed for, your sync will end with a License Key error.

For additional assistance obtaining a license key, please contact

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