Find emPass Agent Serial Number

Created: 2018-10-25 14:59:57
Modified: 2023-02-03 16:34:36
Tags: emPass Troubleshooting

Don’t fret if you’ve neglected to note a particular Agent serial number during the Agent installation portion of configuring emPass for use in your environment. You can always find this information by executing a simple command on the Agent server.

On the Agent server, CD to the Agent install directory and execute:

c:\emPass-agent-v2\agent-install - - status

The result will show you information about your Agent install, similar to the following:

emPass v2.0 by Directory Wizards Inc (

Install path: C:\empass-agent-ad-v2.0
Password Filter: c:\empass-agent-ad-v2.0\empass (2.0)
Public Key: Installed
Serial Number: activedir-bpqf36

The Agent ID is the value after ‘activedir-’.

Please refer to emPass Quick Tips for a tip regarding keeping track of your Agent DCs.

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