emPass Quick Tips

Created: 2023-02-03 14:26:23
Modified: 2023-02-03 16:37:10
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Did you know…

  1. The destination DC should NEVER have an Agent installed. emPass does not require install of anything on the destination domain DC.

  2. Since the Central server may be upgrade without need to upgrade Agents, it is common for your Central Server to run a different version than the Agents. Likewise, your Agents may end up having different versions from each other. This is OK.

  3. If the Central Server config.txt or Agents .txt is changed, the Central Server must be rebooted.

  4. The Agents.txt only includes the list of Agent serial numbers. It does not identify the DC where the agent is installed. We suggest you create a simple text file (i.e. MyAgentDCList.txt) which you would update along with Agents.txt. Since this is just a reference file, there is no special format.

    i.e. MyAgentDCList.txt

dfn3m - DC IP or other identifying info.

This is helpful if you accidentally Uninstall an Agent and neglect to remove its serial number from Agents.txt. (If you saved this info in the reference file, you can refer back to it later to determine the IP of that Agent).

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