Scheduled Task fails to run Sync cmd script

Created: 2017-07-25 09:37:15
Modified: 2024-02-13 09:27:41
Tags: Troubleshooting UnitySync

After successful configuration and testing of a connection, your Scheduled Task fails to run Sync cmd script.

You have configured and successfully tested your connections. You have created a script for the purpose of running your connections on a scheduled basis. You’ve created a task in order to schedule your syncs. Run manually, your script may run successfully. The script may even execute in Windows Scheduler when you click Run Now.

The final test is to set the task to run at a later date. If your scheduled task to run the script fails to result in any sync (no log file produced and no error in Scheduler) you should check the following in your task configuration.

There could be a few different reasons your Scheduled Task may fail to run. Please perform the following steps to try to resolve the problem.

  1. File permissions on \UnitySync may not be set as recommended. Re apply permissions as shown in #1 of article 436 regarding permissions on your UnitySync install directory

  2. Enable ‘Run as’ using an account belonging to the server local admin group.

  3. Enable ‘Run if not logged in’ on the task.

  4. Enable ‘Wake the computer to run this task’.

  5. Virus Scanner may throw a false positive alert attempting to run shell.exe. Check the Windows Event Logs for this error which would occur when you try to run from the cmd line or scheduled task. Add an exclusion to allow shell.exe to run and/or add an exclude on the UnitySync install directory.

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