UnitySync email notification attachment size setting

Created: 2016-09-19 10:57:18
Modified: 2017-05-24 09:32:26
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As of UnitySync v2.7, a new option allows you to limit log file attachment size on Notification emails.

As yet, there is not a User Interface (UI) configuration option. This parameter must be set manually in your …\global\smtp.txt file.

UnitySync email notification attachment size setting

If a configuration line is not present in the smtp.txt, the default email notification attachment size is 5,000,000 bytes (5Mb). Refer to the following examples for altering this parameter:

To set a larger attachment size (i.e., 10MB), add the following line to your smtp.txt:

To set no limit on attachment size (i.e., it can be ANY size) Attach-limit=0

Please Note: Your notification email is still subject to local email attachment rules. If you set the UnitySync attachment size larger than your local email attachment rules permit, you will not receive your notification emails that include logs that are too large to email.

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