Javascript replaces Perl in v2.4 and later

Created: 2016-06-07 09:29:45
Modified: 2017-05-31 13:17:51
Tags: Custom Mapping Javascript Perl

Attribute mapping can be enhanced by the use of scripting. This includes scripting within your custom map files as well as via eval subroutines.

Prior to UnitySync v2.4, these scripts and subroutines were crafted in Perl in custom map files or As all version of UnitySync prior to v2.4 have reached end of life, we must insist you to upgrade to the latest version if you require scripting. Then, your needs can be met using Javascript instead of Perl. While providing technical support for custom eval subroutines, support will require the upgrade to the latest version.

As of UnitySync v2.4, scripting is done using Javascript (eval.js). If you are running v2.4 or later, please refer to our knowledge base articles in the Javascript section for more information on using javascript scripting options.

If you need help implementing custom mappings and/or custom subroutines, you may contact Support for additional assistance.

IMPORTANT: If you are performing an upgrade to v2.4 (or newer) from any version prior to v2.4, it is imperative that you review your existing custom map files and to determine if they utilize the old Perl scripts. If so, they must be converted to javascript prior to running the connection under the updated version. Failing to convert to javascript will cause mass modifications using incorrect data on your next Sync. The Release Notes and our Knowledge Base include instructions detailing how to determine exactly where your connections are utilizing Perl scripting.

Contact Technical Support for assistance converting your Perl mappings and/or custom scripts to Javascript.

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