Sync/Join Mode - Create

Created: 2016-01-14 10:01:10
Modified: 2017-05-23 19:09:30
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Sync mode - Create

This article explains one of the Sync/Join Modes available in UnitySync - Create only. Additional Sync/Join Modes include Sync/Join Mode Join and Both - Create and Join.

A connection configured to Create is the most commonly implemented configuration. During a Create Synchronization (Sync), objects are read from the Source directory, then created on the Destination in the location specified by Structure Name and Placement DN on the Destination tab. This location is often referred to as the Sync Container. Future Sync runs will continue adding new objects, modifying objects already in the Sync Container, and processing deletes as specified.

Note*: A common misconception is that a Create only connection will only perform adds and future syncs will not modify the objects that were created on previous syncs. That is not the case. While the Create/Join mode offers additional features and flexibility, it is not required if you simply want to create and maintain objects in the Destination Sync Container.

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