LDIF File - Error | Bad file descriptor

Created: 2015-10-02 10:11:24
Modified: 2019-11-20 10:31:12
Tags: LDIF Troubleshooting UnitySync

On a Sync or Simulation, the LDIF file is opened. This occurs in the root of the connection directory (…\connections\AD-to-AD2\ldif.txt) or as specified on the General tab’s Alternate LDIF read location (c:\AnySubContainer\AnyFileName.txt)

Either of the following Sync or Sim errors indicate permissions issue on the sub directory where the LDIF file is located.

LDIF File | ../connections/AD-to-AD2/ldif.txt 
Open Failure | ../connections/My Connection/ldif.txt Error | Bad file descriptor
LDIF File |  c:/MyLDIFFiles/AD1-ldif.txt
Open Failure | c:/MyLDIFFiles/AD1-ldif.txt      Error | Bad file descriptor

Refer to this knowledge base article regarding non-save errors for troubleshooting information and follow the directions in the File Permissions section.

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