shell error: Process Returned: 512 (Linux)

Created: 2015-07-28 17:06:19
Modified: 2017-06-05 11:54:22
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In one known case, this error occurred on a Linux installation of UnitySync on a CSV to LDAP connection. There may be other instances where this error occurs.

On a Linux installation on UnitySync, on a CSV to LDAP connection, running Discovery appears to do nothing. No error is thrown in the User Interface (UI) and no Discovery log is generated.

When run from the CMD prompt, the actual error can be seen:

user@localhost bin]$ ./shell "csv to ad" --disc
Connection: csv to ad
Running Discovery: CSV-ldif
Path: /home/user/Desktop/Installs/unitysync-v2.4.0/bin
Process Returned: 512
Process Exited on Error: 512

In this case, the error occurs because the connection’s config.txt engine parameter is engine=CSV-ldap. Note the mixed case. For Linux compliance, all characters in config.txt should be lowercase.

The problem should resolve if you edit the Raw Config to change all to lowercase:

  • On the Custom tab in the UI, click on the Raw Config button.
  • Find the parameter described above and change it to all lower case:
  • Save your changes.

Try running your connection again to confirm this has fixed the problem. If it has not, contact our Technical Support team for further assistance.

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