500 Internal Server Error

Created: 2015-05-06 11:51:16
Modified: 2017-04-28 17:02:43
Tags: Active Directory Directify Internet Information Services (IIS) Troubleshooting UnitySync

When you test or try to connect to a particular location and receive Error 500 Internal Server Error, the issue could be one of many things.

  • If you access your software via the included dirweb.exe or IIS 6, this knowledge base article may help with your troubleshooting.

  • If, however, you have configured access via IIS 7 or IIS 8, you may not have edited default error settings properly.

    • Please download the Technical White Paper regarding Web Server Configuration found in the Product Documentation section of our website. You will find it under any of our products - click to find via UnitySync, Directify, or emPass.

    • Look for Edit Default Error Behavior under IIS 7 or IIS 8.

    • Go through all steps again to identify if anything has been overlooked. If it has not been configured properly, make the appropriate changes and Save, then return to your software and try the action again. You should now see a more detailed error message.

If you need further assistance, contact support@dirwiz.com.

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