Custom Mapping: Setting AD User unicode password

Created: 2014-11-04 13:41:54
Modified: 2019-07-31 15:52:46
Tags: Active Directory Exchange 20xx UnitySync

UnitySync cannot sync passwords. If you would like to update passwords in real time, please take a look at our newest product, emPass.

UnitySync can, however, set an initial password on creation of User objects. This mapping option is valid for AD/Exchange 20xx only. The mapping option is valid only when the sync is creating a new user object in AD. Remember, unicodepwd can be set when a user object is created, but it will not be changed when that object is modified.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order this to work properly, you must be syncing with the Destination Port for SSL (port 636).

The following mapping can be used to map a clear text password for connections syncing to an AD/Exchange 200x destination.

In this example, the password will be set to “password”:


In this example, the password will be set equal to the “given name” attribute of the synced object:


In this example, a more complex password can be assigned combining attribute values and hard coded text:

u|unicodepwd=^EmployeeID^ ^sn^ $!

If you need additional information or assistance, please contact our Technical Support Team.

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