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How do I truncate or extract characters from a string? (OLD Syntax)

2017-05-01 10:37:26
Custom Mapping 

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This is for future reference. Refer to kb 258. The previous functionality didn’t work quite right in UnitySync v2. It’s not a priority, so I’m removing the syntax from the KB. We can reinsert it if this gets fixed in the future.

The same logic may be used on the ^SourceAttribute^ portion of the mapping for a similar result: i.e. Using the first example from above: extension-attribute-1=^sn#4,0^

Further, attributes may be “built” from multiple source fields or with a combination of fixed values. For example, take the first letter of given name, period, full last name, dash, last 4 digits of phone number would look like:


result: E.Richardson-7890

Another way to pull trailing digits is to use substr sub routine: extension-attribute-1024#=^givenname#1^.^sn^ -&substr(“^telephonenumber^”,-4,4)&

Same result: E.Richardson-7890

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