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Created: 2012-04-20 08:09:59
Modified: 2019-08-15 12:25:11
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The UnSync function on the General tab will remove the synced objects from your Destination directory.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be very careful using Unsync! Using Unsync will NOT simply undo your last action. It will remove ALL objects that were created using that connection.

Unsync is a handy, but powerful, tool that deletes synchronized objects and structures from the Destination directory. Keep in mind that each UnitySync connection has its own Unsync. So, one Unsync will only remove objects that were synchronized with a specific UnitySync connection. Run an Unsync for each connection to get all objects and structures. Note also that Unsync will remove ALL synced objects and structure and NOT just the results of your last synchronization run. Think carefully about the possible ramifications of using Unsync before pushing the button!

Using Unsync is a great way to test the configuration of your first connection(s). If the results of the synchronization run are not what you would like them to be, run an Unsync. Next make the necessary configuration changes and then try another synchronization run. Running an Unsync/sync during the initial setup and testing of a connection helps avoid any configuration problems that certain configuration changes between synchronization runs might cause. Use Unsync carefully and thoughtfully once synchronizations are running in a production environment.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unsync will remove everything within the scope of the sync from the Destination. It will not simply undo the last synchronization actions. If you are unsure if Unsync is the best option for your situation, please contact Technical Support for assistance. Often, we can help you correct issues without having to delete all Destination objects and start again.

To run an Unsync:

  1. open your Connection
  2. select General tab
  3. click on Unsync

A pop-up window will tell you how many objects will be deleted upon Unsync and ask, ‘Are you sure?’ that you want to delete the objects. If you are, click Yes. If you aren’t, you can Cancel out now to stop the Unsync.

Finally, note that Unsync will remove the objects it deletes from any groups on the Destination. If Unsync is performed in error, the most expedient way to return the Destination objects in the state they were prior to the Unsync is to restore them from a backup. Simply re-syncing the connection will not restore group membership, and may result in different attribute values, particularly those that are considered no mod attribs.

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