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We have been using DirWiz’s directory synchronization product UnitySync (formerly SimpleSync) for a number of years and have been extremely happy with the product and quality of service we have been provided with. It is extremely easy to configure and to set up any new connections with a variety of different directory types. Any issues or questions are promptly addressed and answered to our satisfaction. Due to this we have actually recommended the usage of UnitySync to our colleagues and clients as they have identified new requirements. This has resulted in an increased usage of the product within our department.
Janice McMullin
J6 Core Services

Without UnitySync, we would not have local access to directory information of companies we've purchased, including GAL and Free/Busy information. UnitySync will make your life easier - it has been very easy to implement and provides the ongoing synchronization we need.
Josh Dang

We had issues with finding people across our directories, primarily due to our staff frequently transferring roles between our multiple operating locations. Combine this movement with a complex cross shift roster, and this quickly resulted in stale data across our multiple Business Systems, Mail directories and, of course, PABX.

Initially we evaluated solutions from several vendors. Directory Wizards sales and technical teams were confidently able to answer all our questions and demonstrate the exact scenario we needed. We were able to test and go live in days, not weeks.

We now have both accurate staff information and staff roster information across all our directories. When a staff member changes role or location it is reflected the same day, and when someone goes off shift, their cross shift is automatically added to their alternate contact details. For example: "Brett Carson is off shift until the end of month; contact Ben Green." There is now a greater confidence across the business that the information people now see in their iPhones and Email is accurate, and manual data entry has all but been eliminated.

UnitySync does exactly what it says, and the support team quickly and accurately answer questions when we have them. We are a mining company, not a directory specialist company; Directory Wizards does what they do very well, which lets us stay focused on what we do well.
Andrew Dugdell
Kumtor Gold Company - Centerra Gold

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