Our current agreement with CPS Systems to exclusively update and license SimpleSync, ended August 1, 2011. As a result, Directory Wizards will no longer be able to sell or release SimpleSync software.

As of August 1, 2012 Directory Wizards will no longer be able to distribute license keys for existing SimpleSync installations. After this date please contact CPS Systems for all SimpleSync license concerns.

Directory Wizards has developed a replacement directory synchronization solution called UnitySync®. This was released on August 1, 2011 to give our users a software path moving forward.

All customers owning SimpleSync will automatically have their licenses converted to UnitySync® licenses at no charge. Free upgrades to UnitySync® are available to all SimpleSync customers who s software maintenance is current.

This FAQ is intended to answer any general questions in moving to UnitySync®.

Will UnitySync be priced the same as SimpleSync?
UnitySync® will be priced exactly the same as SimpleSync. We do not foresee any price changes in the future.
SimpleSync Support
Will there be any more releases of SimpleSync?
Because our agreement with CPS Systems is at an end, we are no longer allowed to release, sell or enhance SimpleSync.
Has SimpleSync been End of Lifed?
After August 1, 2012, Directory Wizards will no longer have the ability to distribute SimpleSync license keys to existing customers. This will mark the official end to our involvement with SimpleSync. The SimpleSync licensing task will revert back to the original holders of the rights to SimpleSync (CPS Systems).
Our SimpleSync Maintenance is current. What can I expect as far as support?
We recomend upgrading to UnitySync®, please contact our support department for assistance.
Can I renew my Maintenance agreement after August 1, 2011?
Yes. The language of the maintenance agreement was changed from SimpleSync to UnitySync®, to cover your transition and licenses moving forward.

Migrating to UnitySync®

Will there be a cost to move to UnitySync?
So long as your software maintenance is current, UnitySync® is free to you. We also offer free support to assist with your transition as part of your software maintenance agreement.

Will customers be forced to migrate to UnitySync on August 1st?
No. We do encourage you to upgrade as soon as possible, there is no requirement to do the transition immediately. After August 1, 2012, Directory Wizards will loose the ability to distribute/modify SimpleSync license keys.
How much work is involved upgrading to UnitySync?
UnitySync® was designed with easy transition in mind. UnitySync® is designed as a drop in replacement to SimpleSync.

  • No configuration files need to be converted or changed.
  • Stored passwords will automatically be converted from SimpleSync's BlowFish to UnitySync's AES256 encryption.
  • Automated tasks are still scripted the same way with batch files and should not require any adjustments.
Can UnitySync be configured and run without the browser interface?
One of the major changes to the software is the removal of the SimpleSync GUI in favor of a new web based interface. The web interface will have a very similar look and feel as the current SimpleSync GUI.

The web interface is compiled CGI and can be run from any modern web server (IIS, Apache etc.). For instant access to the web interface, we will be shipping a stand-alone web server that can only be accessed from localhost. This is a great option if a full time web server is not required or available for configuring UnitySync®.
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