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Profiler Milestones

2017-06-10 16:20:38

We are very happy to announce that the next version of Profiler is on track. Development has met and beat the internal milestones set forth.

The next huge milestone will be July 1, this will mark the end of the development of the code. From there it moves to the documentation/installer/QA folks. We are hoping that this last phase will take about a month so the rough estimate for v5 will be August 1. Development highlights:

  • Our encryption of data has been switched from triple DES to a salted Blowfish approach.
  • Full Java Script support.
  • Language based LDAP error table.
  • Support for Microsoft’s LDAP sub-errors (specifically for authentication).
  • Dynamic creation of contacts for mail forwarding.
  • Enhanced security features (allow create, edit etc).
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