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2017-06-10 16:19:03

Wow, I can’t believe it’s mid August already. The time seems to just slip by. I wanted to give you an update on the development. The software has made it through the first round of Quality testing with lots of bugs being eradicated. Our second round of final testing begins this week. We have reduced the number of open issues from literally hundreds down to just six. Documentation has also begun and should be finalized by the end of the month.

Directory Wizards will be changing our pricing slightly when the new version comes out. We feel the pricing reflects the expanded functionality you, the customer will receive.

Old Pricing
$2,500.00 per install & $250.00/year for software maintenance
New Pricing
$3,000.00 per host name (first year maint free) & $300.00/year software maintenance.

You’ll note we mentioned host name, Profiler will license which host name you use in the URL to access Profiler. No user counts, no per-server installs. Simple pricing.

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