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SimpleSync v5.1.2 Released

2017-06-10 17:31:34

Happy New Years one and all! Regular readers of the blog might be wondering what happened to v5.1. That version was posted but short lived. There were a couple of enhancements that needed to be added to make it a well rounded version.

Directory Wizards Inc. is pleased to announce version 5.1.2 of SimpleSync. This new version is available to all customers who are current with their software maintenance.

If you need assistance with upgrading your software, please contact support@dirwiz.com. For those who need to renew software maintenance please contact sales@dirwiz.com for a price quote.

New Directory Support:

  • Zimbra (Discovery Only)
  • Apple OpenLDAP

General Enhancements:

  • Many enhancements to the LDAP Create/Join functionality including: proper escaping of join query data, multi valued enhanced join (proxyaddresses=[proxyaddresses]), enhanced logging of query strings.
  • Forcemods can now be executed from the command line shell program in addition to the GUI.
  • Re worked GUI to make the configuration clearer for the following join modes: sync, join, & create/join.
  • As usual there is an over all speed improvement over the original v5 code.
  • Much more!

Many thanks to all clients who provided valuable feedback in testing the new version!

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