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Profiler v5.2.15 Released

2017-06-10 16:39:37

We are very happy to announce a new point release of Profiler. Much of the enhancements have come directly from our user feedback. Those customers who are current with their software maintenance can perform this upgrade free of charge. Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Email/Manager Notifications
  • Fixed bug in cancel button on object create. Previously died with error.
  • Fixed page search/caching
  • Fixed bug where object was not displayed after Creation.
  • Fixed bug where edit/hide was not properly interpreted in password reset and unlock forms


  • Added support for Top-Level OU profiler admin restriction.
  • Added attribute level validation function. External perl code to be run against an attribute on create/modify of an object.
  • Added an example script for account expiration //\Profiler\examples\accountexpires.pl//.
  • Added Profiler Admin Delete function
  • Memberof is now a special attribute that can be populated through a create template
  • Added Create Object edit function to config
  • Added Syslog functionality
  • Added edit capability to date fields. strings can be edited in ‘english’ with calculations:\//today +1 hour Means current time plus one hour.//
  • Added option to configure Profiler without DNS tied to active directory:\//config.cginodns=//
  • Enhanced Encryption functions (Remove == at end and convert base64 to url friendly)
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