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SimpleSync v5 Released

2017-06-10 17:29:53

Directory Wizards Inc. is pleased to announce version 5 of SimpleSync. This new version is available to all customers who are current with their software maintenance.

If you need assistance with upgrading your software, please contact support@dirwiz.com. For those who need to renew software maintenance please contact sales@dirwiz.com for a price quote.

New Directory Support:

  • Exchange 2007
  • Google Apps (Premiere or Education Editions)
  • Enhanced Postini Support

General Enhancements:

  • Internal breakdown of Exchange proxy addresses by address type.
  • Brand new map file parser (60% improvement in processing sync records).
  • Enhanced create/join function. Removes the need for dynamic exclusions in most cases. This is important for preventing duplicate email addresses in the destination directory.
  • Enhanced joining with one-to-many queries.
  • Enhanced ODBC Support (Oracle, MySQL, Sybase etc)
  • Flexible license key support. IP Addresses are no longer required.
  • Support for installation on Windows 2008 & Vista (x64 and x32).

Many thanks to all clients who provided valuable feedback in testing the new version!

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