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Oracle support has been removed from SimpleSync… Long live Oracle?!

2017-06-10 17:25:50

The Oracle DB support has been removed from SimpleSync in the up and coming version. The main reason of this was the API’s restriction that it would only work with one version of the Oracle client at a time. This was an enormous pain because each version of SimpleSync could ONLY support one version of the Oracle client. So we threw our hands up and chucked the whole set of code. Problem solved..

At this point the Oracle customers have now come back to their computers after falling out of their chairs..

The answer is pretty elegant – ODBC. Oracle ships ODBC drivers for every flavor of Windows. The nice thing about ODBC is code once and walk away. The ODBC code has been massaged a bit to better fit with the ODBC Oracle drivers. In fact we have an existing customer using the patched code with great success.

So the rule of thumb for those current Oracle users is … Do nothing. Wait for the next release to come out. The Oracle code will be gone but the ODBC support will be there so you can make the easy transition.

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