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Profiler Announcements

2017-06-10 16:20:22

This has been quite a ride this year with the acquisition of SimpleSync. Our original product, Profiler has seemingly been neglected. Fear not. Work is underway on the next release with lots of improvements. To that end we have two announcements regarding Profiler:

  • We will be no longer supporting versions less v5.1.0 as of January 1 2009. The current version is v5.2.1. Those customers who are current on their software maintenance can get the latest version for free.
  • Effective immediately, software maintenance from Profiler will increase from 10% of list price/year to 15% of list price/year. This increase is more in keeping in line with industry prices. We will honor all outstanding quotes and invoices sent prior to today.

As usual if you have any questions, please feel free and contact us at support@dirwiz.com or sales@dirwiz.com.

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