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Mimic has been released!

2022-08-24 11:09:22

A few months ago we had a request from a long time customer to perform “Delta Syncs” with a remote LDAP directory containing 3 million records.

Delta synchronization is a method of discovery that only discovers the records that have changed. For many reasons, UnitySync does not have that capability.

The solution was to read the source records for only the last changed date, and compare those with the destination “last changed” data we stored in a tracking attribute. From there we can perform adds/mods/deletes. Internal testing of roughly 50,000 objects took 4 minutes for the initial replication and less than 5 seconds for subsequent maintenance runs.

From this point, we envisioned a low cost, enterprise grade utility that could perform LDAP replications between disconnected or even non-compatible LDAP directory server products. Keep in mind that the data is an exact copy so schemas and tree naming have to match.

Mimic as a product is completely different than anything we have ever released:

  • The permanent license ($999.00) is not tied to a specific install or even directory counts.
  • The evaluation license is a simple link on the web site (no registration) with only a 150 object limit, no time limits.
  • The entire product is a single command line executable that can fit on a floppy. No installer or support libraries needed. Linux & Windows. (Our developers challenged themselves).

Have a look at our latest product and let us know what you think!

Thanks, Eric

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