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Profiler v5.2.1 Released

2017-06-10 16:38:42

We are very pleased to announce the release of Profiler v5.2.1. Major additions to functionality are set in bold below:

Bug Fixes

  • Macro Attribute support has been rewritten and performs as expected.
  • The web browser’s Auto-Complete functionality has been disabled for all text fields except for search. This caused a potential security hole when saving data in the security questionnaire.
  • Template variable names with underscores were incompatible with Javascript. All template variables should now use dashes ‘-’ instead of underscores ‘-’.
  • config.xml corruption should no longer occur because of pre-win2k duplicate entries. The entire discovery has been rewritten (see below).


  • Date validation Javascript functions have been added to master.js. This will validate date formatted fields.
  • Password Recovery as been re-named to Account Recovery with the addition of the user being able to unlock their own accounts after answering the security questionnaire.
  • Active Directory groups (not nested) can be now be added to the Profiler admin list. The group membership will be parsed for admins.
  • Global search bases can now include any part of the forest (in addition to Forest, Domain & OU)
  • Profiler now automatically discovers pre-win2k domain names for integrated authentication. This feature requires that the machine that Profiler is installed on be a member of the forest.
  • Profiler is now more than 50% more responsive as a result of template caching routines added. The cache is stored in \Profiler\data\session. No additional configuration or administration is needed.
  • Resource Forest support has been added. This is tailored towards Application Service Providers (ASPs) who host Exchange in a different forest than the client forest. Profiler users can now edit their matching disabled objects in the resource forest with no additional authentication. This is automatically enabled by Profiler when it detects a resource forest configuration. This feature requires that the machine that Profiler is installed on be a member of the forest and that integrated authentication is enabled in IIS.
  • A new template (unlock.tmpl) has been added. This template is shown when the user needs to unlock their own account.
  • New default templates for non-Exchange environments have been added.
  • New mode for single line text fields has been added. edithide will convert single line text fields to password type fields where the input is hidden by asterisks. The password recovery and unlock templates now use this functionality.
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