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Directify® v7.0 Released

2021-12-22 16:02:22

We are pleased to announce a new version of Directify. Evaluation copies of our software can be found on our download page.


  • SSO support to bypass login screen.
  • Newly enhanced tables in search results allowing for sorting and local searches.
  • Customizable search results columns.
  • New login by attribute feature. (example: login by email address)
  • New support for LDAP syntax 1.2.840.113556.1.4.906 (example: accountexpire)
  • New support for generalizedtime syntax support.
  • LDAP starttls support.
  • Enhanced SMTP configuration.
  • Active Directory Password Reset.
  • Better support for “non-AD” LDAP directories.
  • Enhanced syslog data to show more debug information.
  • Ability to change the JQuery UI theme to one of dozens of presets.
  • Added ability to support LDAP server fail overs.
  • Searches can now be limited to user’s OU.


  • Fixed crashes with LDAP directories without schema checking.
  • Member searches now work correctly.
  • Admin user setting in config now works correctly.
  • Fixed crash if user’s objectclass did not appear in schema.
  • Form editor now handles non-schema objectclasses correctly.
  • Fixed time field issues with clients.
  • Fixed issue where ldap port did not default to 389.
  • Group memberships > 1,500 records are now supported in Active Directory.
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