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UnitySync® 2.8 is here!

2018-01-22 10:52:03

A full year in the making this update includes a lot of fixes while still adding functionality. Many thanks to our support team for testing this and ensuring the stability that our customers come to expect.

We highly recommend upgrading to this new version. In previous versions if a disk space error occurs, UnitySync will delete objects during a synchronization. There are also many enhancements to our o365 synchronization (more attribs, faster discovery & sync etc).

The latest version can be found on our download page. Please contact if your software maintenance has expired and wish to get support as well as the upgrade.

  • Add: Disk Space Error-checking - On Discovery, check diskspace on write to ldif.txt. On Disc, Sim or Sync, abort on detection of loss of adequate disk space.
  • Fix: eval.js was mishandling a parameter value which contained a backslash () but only when run via shell.exe. Correct value resulted when run via UI. Fixed by making case irrelevant and changing any backslash to forward slash to match UnitySync’s connection naming convention.
  • Add: removed “Both” option for Source CSV quote option (does nothing).
  • Add: improved memwatch to avoid memory leaks
  • Add: added display-parse-badchars config parameter. Specified characters are stripped from ~cn~ displayname before display parsing runs. Example syntax: display-parse-badchars=‘(“)
  • Add: adaptive parsing now only uses first, initial & last name field for clues. Rank and gq fields are ignored and rely on tables
  • Add: modified the way fieldproxy-xxx works as an internal variable. Any Source value marked as “primary” (caps such as SMTP vs smtp) will get pushed to the top of the list
  • Add: field-hex for ODBC & CSV discoveries. This operates exactly like field-base64
  • Add: increased ODBC buffer to 1 megabyte/attribute on Discovery
  • Add: logging of shell.exe now returns errorlevel from sub-programs
  • Add: enhanced Discovery of O365. Source query format has been simplified allowing use of ‘ldap like’ syntax, so it no longer uses a powershell formatted query string. Existing connections must be modified.
  • Add: with enhanced Discovery of O365, the Discovery process now includes Discovery of ALL objects of specified type (Users, Contacts). Then these O365 records are filtered through the Source Query filters and finally, resulting records are merged into ldif.txt.
  • Add: Discovery of O365 Users has been enhanced to discovered and merge the following data types: get-user, get-mailuser, get-maibox
  • Add: changed multivalued separator from percentage sign (%) to a pipe symbol (|). Our internal separator changed to support O365’s use of pipe separator.
  • Add: in O365 Sync, name/id/dn field are required to be limited to 64 characters. This limit is now hard coded.
  • Add: updated all o365-person map files to remove “cn=” from the dn
  • Add: support to O365 Sync to handle a Delete/Add/Modify scenario
  • Add: additional logging on O365 Discovery
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