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Announcing: Software by Subscription

2016-04-04 09:58:43

Over the past 10+ years we have witnessed titanic changes in the software industry. Thankfully as a small company we have remained flexible in our approach to customer solutions. The most striking shift is the move from purchased software to subscription services. A good case in point is Microsoft Exchange customers moving from a licensed product to a subscription service in the cloud (Office 365 Exchange).

In keeping with the new Software as a Service (SaaS), we have decided to start selling subscriptions to our software with one small twist. Our customers can now subscribe to the software for a minimum of a 1 year term using the software in-house. When the subscription is terminated the software will stop working.

We will still sell/support perpetual licenses. Subscription services is an alternative to purchasing licenses.

In the next 2 weeks we will be releasing new End User License Agreements that will allow for subscription based licenses. There are many advantages to this pricing model:

  • Lower upfront costs
    Customers enjoy a 40% discount compared to the current perpetual license cost in the first year.
  • Migration friendly The minimum period for a subscription is a year. Plenty of time to complete your migration strategy while keeping directories in sync.
  • Recurring budget item
    Purchasing departments will renew at the same rate year upon year rather than calculate Maintenance costs.
  • Full support
    Customers who are current with their subscriptions will get full email support as well as free software updates and bug fixes.

Please contact sales@dirwiz.com for more information.

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