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Announcing: Software by Subscription

2017-06-10 12:57:35

Over the past 10+ years we have witnessed titanic changes in the software industry. Thankfully as a small company we have remained flexible in our approach to customer solutions. The most striking shift is the move from purchased software to subscription services. A good case in point is Microsoft Exchange customers moving from a licensed product to a subscription service in the cloud (Office 365 Exchange).

In keeping with the new Software as a Service (SaaS), we have decided to start selling subscriptions to our software with one small twist. Our customers can now subscribe to the software for a minimum of a 1 year term using the software in-house. When the subscription is terminated the software will stop working.

We will still sell/support perpetual licenses. Subscription services is an alternative to purchasing licenses.

In the next 2 weeks we will be releasing new End User License Agreements that will allow for subscription based licenses. There are many advantages to this pricing model:

Lower upfront costs
Customers enjoy a 40% discount compared to the current perpetual license cost in the first year.
Migration friendly
The minimum period for a subscription is a year. Plenty of time to complete your migration strategy while keeping directories in sync.
Recurring budget item
Purchasing departments will renew at the same rate year upon year rather than calculate Maintenance costs.
Full support
Customers who are current with their subscriptions will get full email support as well as free software updates and bug fixes.

Please contact sales@dirwiz.com for more information.

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