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Announcing UnitySync v2.6 & Directify v6.3

2017-06-10 15:53:20

We are pleased to announce new versions of our core products: UnitySync & Directify. Evaluation copies of our software can be found on our download page.

UnitySync - Enhancements

  • Enhanced O365 sync to include more attributes (i.e. CustomAttribs and Phone).
  • Improved speed of UI when dns is mis-configured.
  • Add: function strip_lf to eval.js (strips linefeed).

UnitySync - Fixes

  • Each process may write to config.tmp and if file length of config.tmp is zero (symptom of critical disk space) it will not be renamed to config.txt.
  • Log File level 2 - file size logged (i.e. ldif.txt).
  • Crash when O365 sync tried to modify missing destination contact (bad pointer in handling mod errors).
  • Issue where custom list mapping would not appear correctly if the Destination type was incorrectly formatted (i.e. O365).
  • Issue if sourcedef name (nameparts) has the wrong number of commas.
  • Issue if map file missing ~struct~ in DN caused crash.
  • Delete structure attempted even if ignore delete is set.
  • Issue where data with linefeeds was corrupting javascript.

Directify - Enhancements

  • Ability to apply filter processing on any single valued attribute.
  • Added macro/auto fill support.
  • Mod updates to LDAP will only process if there is an actual change to be made rather than just push full mods.
  • Updated SMTP notification email to include remote IP address and user logged in.
  • Notification email now identifies: 0bject changed, name/ip of user who made change as well as a list of attributes that were changed.

Directify - Fixes

  • Syntax tab functionality replaced by manually edited file. Syntax.txt file is obsolete, replaced by schema-override.txt.
  • Pressing enter on the admin search field in config.cgi led to unintended results.
  • Issue where a member could not be added to a group if membership is already empty.
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