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Writing our own tools. Mailer v1.6

2017-06-10 16:01:55

We are a software company that sells off the shelf enterprise solutions, yet we do not use commercial products.

Yes the irony is very apparent, but it’s not quite what you think. We do utilize as much open source software internally, though sometimes you just can’t find that one feature you need in either commercial or open source software.

So why not just write something? Over the years, our internally built CRM software has organically grown to scratch just such an itch. It’s worked wonderfully and continues to evolve and expand.

It’s the little utilities that make the most impact in our day to day operation. A simple easy to use command line program to send an email has eluded us. We are aware of all of the open source options in the world out there. The problem was we couldn’t find one that we could make a single call without having to script around it (among other things).

Mailer was written as a solution that has now been used in every facet of our back end services.

  • It’s small, requiring no installation (one file!).
  • It does not have any dependencies, yet still can send email via SSL/TLS.
  • It runs on every platform we can think of (Windows 64bit, Linux 32 & 64 Bit, Raspberry Pi!).
  • Allows for one attachment with MIME encoding.

We have come to love this little program so much we considered selling it, but we are not geared for consumer sales. We decided to give it away for free with no warranty. Our existing user base has already found uses for it, augmenting our commercial products with email notifications.

Our hope is, this little program will make your systems administration task a bit easier as it has for us.


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