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2017-06-10 15:24:31

Long ago we envisioned our Knowledge Base to be a quick way to offer support for small tips and uses for our products. We are now up to 350 (!) articles, with topics ranging from product support to information for IT administrators to make their daily lives that much easier.

This is all driven by our latest product InfoCanon. As we continue to grow our article base, InfoCanon grows as well providing even more functionality to our users.

One small, but overlooked feature is the new print formatting and Kindle support. When viewing any of our articles, either this blog or our knowledge base, the print preview will now only show the article itself and removes all the extra navigation fluff making for a compact (usually single page) print out. With Amazon’s [[http://www.amazon.com/gp/sendtokindle||send to kindle]] plugins for your browser, you can convert our articles to an easy to read format and have it available at a moments notice without the internet!

It’s these small improvements and others that we will highlight that make our products stand out from the others.\ Happy Reading!

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