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Cloud-to-Cloud Directory Sync

2017-06-10 13:02:16

Lets not fool ourselves, cloud computing has triggered such a shift in our industry not seen since distributed computing (PCs) broke the mainframe/minicomputer market. Up until a year ago, 100% of our income revolved around solutions geared towards localized (non-cloud) directory servers. The fear was that we were quickly loosing our market of customers.

“What will happen when everyone moves their Exchange servers to the cloud? How will we survive?”

Writing an o365 connection was the obvious choice. Today, UnitySync can bidirectionally synchronize o365 Exchange with any LDAP source. This has helped many organizations move to the cloud. Now, requirements have changed yet again:

“What if companies in different o365 tenants want to synchronize their email directories together?”

Because UnitySync’s directory synchronization architecture is so flexible, this can be done easily and is already integrated in our product. All of this can be done using a standard PC with no additional resources (databases, directories, .net, etc) other than powershell. Contact our sales department (sales@dirwiz.com) to find out how.

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