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Software testing on a 50MB drive with FillDrive

2017-06-10 15:23:24

It is very hard to believe in this day and age that a hard drive can become full. Twenty years ago it happened almost monthly for me. Apparently it still happens and we need to ensure that UnitySync can still perform as well as expected under such adverse conditions.

This lead to a problem. How do you fill a drive for testing? Enter our newest free tool: FillDrive.

FillDrive is a very simple command line utility that will write NULLs to a file continuously until the drive partition is full.

In this case we created at 50MB (yes Megabytes) partition to install a full copy of UnitySync (18MB). We configured the software and then ran FillDrive to max out the space. Next we ran the software to try and break it. Good news everything worked as expected!

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