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Profiler is now Directify v6.2.

2017-06-10 15:22:53

Profiler has served us well for 13 years and we thought it deserved a new name.

This new release of Directify is a continuation of the Profiler base code. This is not a rewrite of the software. Lots of feedback from customers have resulted in a record number of enhancements and fixes. The result is a more well rounded, stable product.

Features added:

  • AD LDS (Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services) default templates.
  • Object creation support. Create any type of object with an enhanced form editor for new objects.
  • Multi-attribute admin manager attribute. Multiple attributes can be referenced as a “Manager” of an object.
  • Customize UI title bar and login text.
  • Search can now be enabled/disabled.
  • Admins can now be limited to their own OU (and/or sub OU).
  • Set limits for JPEG uploads
  • New OpenSSL version to mitigate Heartbleed Bug.
  • International character support for attribute values (UTF8).
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