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Announcing UnitySync 2.2

2017-06-10 17:33:30

Directory Wizards is pleased to announce the release of UnitySync 2.2 available on our unified download page.


  • Added ability to manually define internal variables per connection as intvars.txt (same format as config.txt)
  • mod-attribs now works for ldif-odbc


  • Heartbleed Vulnerability: updated openSSL to 1.0.1g which fixes the heartbleed bug
  • Fixed Source SSL CA cert pull-down would not load
  • Fixed issue of DN’s containing foreign characters getting confused with orphans
  • Fixed issue with multi-valued separator in ODBC & CSV discoveries
  • Fixed an error where log file would get corrupted if run from the UI which only occurred in Windows versions
  • Fixed issue with dirweb checking port 8080 even if alternate port is specified
  • no-mod-attribs now works with ODBC Destination
  • Fixed UI crash on loading the connection when a line in config.txt started with a #
  • Fixed issue with Error log summary where it thought there was an error when there was none. It resulted in all functions ending in error
  • Fixed issue with storing a blank value in a UI field (would not erase)
  • Fixed issue with CGI saving check-boxes
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