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UnitySync 2.0 is coming to Linux

2017-06-10 17:40:15

For those who have asked, we have coded. UnitySync has been ported to Linux. So far in our testing, we have it working in Debian 64-bit “Wheezy”. Our plan is to make sure the software works in SUSE, Red Hat, etc. The software will not released in each distro’s package form, it will use an install program to decompress the files to a directory you choose.

The Linux version will have all the same functionality as the Windows version except for GroupWise support which relies on custom Windows API’s from Novell. ODBC support is provided through unixODBC which should be available on all of the modern distributions.

Other fine points of the Linux build of UnitySync:

  • Linux x86_64 only
  • libc >=2.13
  • DirWeb works!
  • Compatible with any web server that supports CGI (Apache, lighttpd etc)
  • Scheduling is handled by cron and bash scripts (vs. windows scheduler & batch files)
  • Binary compatibility with connections. Move connections from Windows to Linux without re-configuring.
  • Virtualization Friendly. Will work on any virtualization platform that hosts Linux.
  • Small - Download size is 6.1M!
  • Static - All support libraries required are included with the software.
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