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Profiler Rewrite

2017-06-10 16:22:59

Work has begun to rewrite our oldest product, Profiler. Originally written almost 13 years ago, it has started to show it’s age. Written originally in Perl, it has in retrospect, gotten sluggish and a bit over bloated with features. Following the amazing success and performance of UnitySync’s rewrite, Profiler will be completely rewritten. Here are a few key features we are hoping to deliver by the Aug 1, 2013 release date:

  • Smaller & Faster - Being rewritten completely in C will assure this.
  • Support for more directories - We are planning on supporting ANY LDAP v3 directory (Active Directory, AD LDS, OpenLDAP etc)
  • LDAP schema aware - The new software will be able to automatically query your LDAP schema removing a lot of guesswork in configuring client templates.
  • New Template Engine - The new design interface will be drag and drop removing all need to manually edit complex template files.
  • Web 2.0 - The back end interface will rely on JQuery & REST/JSON. All modern browsers will be supported as well as future proofing the product with Mobile/Tablet support in following versions.
  • Any web server - As with the previous version, standard CGI (IIS, Apache etc)
  • Multi platform - Both native Linux & Windows versions will be released.

Unfortunately, one feature will be removed in the next version. In the current version, multiple Active Directory domains are supported. We’ve found this solution far too complex and as far as we know, none of our customers have a need to maintain objects in multiple domains. This will cut out 50% of configuration in the software making it much easier to get up and running.

Many thanks to all of our customers who find value in our products. As usual, please provide any feedback to our folks in support.

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