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2017-06-10 16:01:22

Not satisfied with the existing knowledge base management applications in the market, we decided to throw one together ourselves. It was cobbled together with Perl and a MySQL database. For years it served us well, but always lacked the refinement of other products we have developed and sold.

Following the rewrite of SimpleSync (now UnitySync) from Perl to C, we saw huge improvement gains as well as the need for less resources. It was decided to rewrite the internal knowledge base in C and see where it goes. Well, things got a bit out of hand and the replacement software has now evolved into it’s own free standing application.

Enter our third product: InfoCanon

For those who are curious we are currently testing the software on our own web site.

Our plan is to release this product as early as mid December. If you have questions about InfoCanon feel free and contact our support department.

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