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Communicating through the Internet

2017-06-10 11:59:53

Email is arguably the most efficient form of communication, it is our primary way of connecting with customers. Due to the spam arms race, our normal reply address of now gets tagged as spam and thus gets deleted. So we have decided to make our emails more personal by setting the return address to our individual accounts. In this way we hope our automated emails (invoices, price quotes, & maintenance reminders) make it through the iron curtain of email systems.

Mass emails are also a thing of the past. Normally, these emails would be used to notify customers of new releases. Again spam filters make this method of communication largely ineffective. Instead our product notices are posted to our main web page and to our RSS feed. We are also now experimenting with instant messaging. If you have an AIM account, you can chat directly with us using our ‘dirwiz’ screen name.

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