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SimpleSync v5.1.14 Released

2017-06-10 17:30:56

Directory Wizards Inc. is pleased to announce version 5.1.14 of SimpleSync. This new version is available to all customers who are current with their software maintenance.

If you need assistance with upgrading your software, please contact For those who need to renew software maintenance please contact for a price quote.

SimpleSync 5.1.14

  • Fixed the forest keys (domain license keys).
  • Enhanced the legacyexchangedn detection. Now works with 2k3 2k7 & 2k10
  • Added/Modified Zimbra map files.
  • Added config.txt option dnvalidate=no By setting this to no, DN lookups in map files (i.e manager# i.e. %seealso% ) will not validated through LDAP. This is used for a rare case of using a dnhash to resolve groups as groups where members belong to different domains in a forest. (The dnhash conttains correct values, but the dnvalidate returns an error and thus does not set the value. By disabling this, the validate does not occur so the Dns are set.)
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