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Infinite Languages

2012-11-16 10:01:50

A year ago a customer asked if we had a Spanish version. How absurd! The thought of multi-lingual support never crossed our minds! Fortunately in the current version of Profiler, they were able to install a second copy of the software and change the user interface to Spanish. Though a crude solution, it worked surprisingly well.

This experience did not fall lightly on us so we are striving to make the next version of Profiler multi-lingual. Well we didn’t quite stop there. We have taken our HTML templates one step further by giving the Administrator the ability to create any modifiy templates for ALL languages. Profiler will have the ability to pick up your language settings in your browser and show the correct language.

In related news, developement has reached their first milestone in Profiler v5. Coding of the configuration program has been completed. It sounds like a small step on the surface but represents a huge leap behind the scenes..

More to come…

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