The LDAP server replication product you never knew you needed.

Mimic has the ability to provide an exact copy of a source directory tree to a destination tree. Using its unique delta technology, Mimic only reads the changes from the source (rather than the full directory) for lightning fast replication times.

Download Evaluation Copy

Evaluation copies are hard limited to 150 replicated objects. This means that only the first 150 objects will appear in the destination directory, this includes structure objects as well as user objects.

Use Cases

  • Easy setup for test platforms by copying live data.
  • Distribution of large directories to remote offices.
  • Directory Migration. Mimic is directory agnostic, the destination directory does not need be the same product as the source. (So long as the directory tree & schema are the same)

Features & Requirements

  • Command line driven (no GUI & no installer) all in one exe file.
  • Most important: the tree structure needs to be exactly the same (down to the root).
  • The schemas of the directories (as far as the attributes copied) need to match.
  • The software does not manipulate attribute data nor does it translate dn structures.
  • You can specify which part of the tree to start the replication. You can also specify a global list of which attributes you want copied.
  • Will work with any LDAP based directory server that supports a last modified timestamp attribute per object.
  • Mimic can find manually added & deleted objects on the destination and correct them.
  • A tracking attribute on each destination is required to store timestamps.
  • No data (except the config) is stored locally. A temporary datafile is created on each run.
  • Easy firewall traversal for replication using only the standard LDAP Ports (389/636)
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