FREE Utility to send emails from the command line. This program is a gift to our users. Directory Wizards offers no warranty for this product.
  • No Installation. All contained in one file.
  • MIME detection based on file extension.
  • Multiple recipients (to/cc/bcc).
  • SMTP SSL/TLS support.
  • SMTP Authentication (clear).
  • Environment variable support.

Download v1.6


Mailer v1.6 by Directory Wizards Inc. (

This program reads the message body from STDIN.

SMTP Server Options:
  --host     Hostname (Default: localhost)
  --port     TCP Port (Default: 25)
  --user     Login ID.
  --pass     Login Password.

SMTP Message Options:
  --to       SMTP To Field
  --cc       SMTP Cc Field
  --bcc      SMTP Bcc Field
  --from     SMTP From Field (Default: USER@HOSTNAME)
  --subject  SMTP Subject Field

  --file     Attach File
  --mime     Override MIME type of the file

Flags (No parameters)
  --ssl      SMTP SSL (Default Port 465)
  --tls      SMTP StartTLS (Default Port 25)

Debug (No parameters)
  --mimeinfo Dump known mime types
  --verbose  Enable Verbose SMTP Logging (STDERR)
  --msgid    Return Message ID after sending (STDOUT)

ENV Variables
  MAILTO     If to/cc/bcc is not defined.
  LOGNAME    Used in From user field.

type msg.txt | mailer --to "" --subject Update --file plans.pdf

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