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About Directify - System Requirements

2019-10-15 15:56:25
Directify Internet Information Services (IIS) System Requirements 

About Directify

Directify, formerly known as Profiler, is a web based interface for directory management which allows the authenticated end user, or another designee, the ability to update certain administrator-defined attributes. Originally designed for Active Directory, functionality will work with any LDAP directory.

How Directify works

Directify runs on a web server allowing administrators to configure the interface and end users to use it, all via web browser.

Features and Functionality

  • Windows and Linux versions available
  • AES256 encryption support
  • Web enabled so you can administrate from any location using a browser
  • Search, view, and edit person and group objects including group membership editing
  • Automated creation of mail forwarding contacts
  • Allow update by managers, assistants, and other appointed Admins
  • Email notification of changes made in directify.cgi
  • Customize for any LDAP directory - and we mean ANY - with templates that help you get started quickly for commonly used directories

System Requirements

The following minimum requirements are recommended for Directify Server and Client systems:


Operating System

  • Windows - 2003 (64 bit) or better
  • Linux - 64 bit Operating System, libc v2.19 or greater

Web Server

  • Any web server that supports CGI (i.e., Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) or Apache)


  • 50mb hard disk
  • Access to a domain controller for each domain (LDAP port 389 tcp)
  • An administrator account ID and password with necessary permissions to update objects


  • Access to LDAP port 389 tcp each domain
  • An account ID and password with necessary permissions to update objects.
  • The Directify server must be configured with a DNS server and a DNS Host entry created.


  • Any LDAP directory type
  • Active Directory - minimum requirement AD 2008


  • Client network connection
  • 56kbps
  • Web Browser: Internet Explorer 10 or better, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome

What’s NOT required to run Directify

  • Microsoft .NET
  • Java
  • Database Software (SQL, Access etc)
  • The web server does NOT need to be a member of the forest or to any domain (unless using integrated authentication)
  • Client web cookies (no cookies are stored on the web browser)
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