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Log File Management

2021-05-20 14:01:21

The primary shell.exe program includes an option to clean-up old log files by deleting all but the most recent logs. You may add the Shell -cleanlogs command to your automated script to regularly run and keep the number of log files limited as desired.

Command Line cleanup (may be scheduled)

By default, CleanLogs runs against ALL connections and 30 days worth of logs will be saved. The rest will be deleted:

From a CMD prompt, cd to the install’s bin directory.
i.e. c:\UnitySync-v3\bin

shell –cleanlogs

Additional optional parameters allow you to configure the number of days to keep, as well as run clean logs against a single specific connection:

shell –cleanlogs [–days x] [Connection Name]

Optional parameters:

–days Default is to keep 30 days worth of logs. You may use the –days parameter to increase or decrease the number of days worth of logs to keep.

Connection Name Default, if you do not specify a connection name, will clean ALL connections logs. Specify a connection name to run clean logs against an individual connection.

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